Rum House

The Rum House (3128 Magazine St.) moved in place of an old Semolina’s spin off on Magazine. Right in the heart of the Uptown Bourbon street, nestled in with the small stretch of bars that many twenty- and thrity-somethings call home for the weekend. The Rum House presents itself as a “Caribbean taqueria” and delivers on this promise.

The Rum House boast a menu that begs for multiple visits, provided that they can pull off half of what they claim.

For starters we split the queso and the salsa. Both the queso and salsa had some nice kick, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the queso. But really, can anything beat melted cheese?

According to the story on its website, the Rum House was built as a way to get away without leaving the city. The Rum House does a nice job of playing up the touristy/fun occasion feel by serving up its drinks in mason jars of varying sizes. Large ones for Cokes and water and, responsibly, smaller ones for margaritas.

The Miracle Margarita made for a nice diversion from an otherwise slow day, but I’ve been told the flavored margaritas are excellent (the machine was broken on our visit).

When it came down to the main event I had to forego the Cuban sandwich and try my hand at a few of the many tacos available. We managed to work through six total tacos, the brisket, the chopped shrimp, the pork, the Jamaican jerked chicken, calypso beef and the chill glazed shrimp. Together with sides of black beans with chorizo relish and the coconut rice, this meal was enough to make me want to roll out of the place. While all were good, the brisket took top honors for the day.

A great place and welcome addition to the ever-growing taqueria crowd here in town. I look forward to going back many more times and slowly working my way through the menu.

3 thoughts on “Rum House

  1. Ooooh, I need one of those metal taco racks IMMEDIATELY.

    Please go back at your earliest convenience and try the Cuban. 30 paragraphs, please. :) *drool*

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