Around Town: Gambit Food Revue 2

Last year, Gambit started a little thing called the Food Revue. You may remember we told you all about it over on You know the all you can eat and drink event that let’s you sample food from the places Ian McNulty’s been writing about? Apparently plenty of you headed our advice and set out for it for yourselves, as Gambit has decided to renew the Food Revue’s contract (if only Loomis and Drew would do the same already!).

While the participating restaurants have changed significantly, prices have not: tickets are still $45 and VIP (1 hour early admittance) are $65. We’re typically not ones to splurge on VIP tickets for most stuff, but we did last year. And let me tell you, I found the extra $20 totally worth it. The pre-hour preview is perfect for this event. We were able to stroll around, try all the places we were interested in and even talk to a few of the chefs at our own pace. We almost didn’t appreciate what we had until the general admission folks started swarming in. Our little private affair quickly became like a miniature NOWFE Grand Tasting, tons of people making for huge lines around everything you want to taste and tying up people to talk to. Fortunately, we had tried almost everything we wanted by then.

Even if you don’t go VIP this year, here’s who’s showing up to dish out samples of their work:

Mandina’s, G.W Fin’s, Cowbell, The Rib Room, Manning’s, The Bombay Club, The Irish House, Carmo, Bayou Hot Wings, Fat Hen Grocery, Banana Blossom Thai, Parasol’s, New Orleans Ice Cream, Panchita’s, La Petite Grocery, Grand Isle Restaurant, Little Chinatown, Crescent Pie & Sausage, Heritage Grill, Katie’s, High Hat, Theo’s Pizza, Saffron Nola, Brazilian Market & Cafe, Taceaux Loceaux, Courtyard Grill, LOLA, Mayas, Liberty Kitchen, Cafe Abyssinia, Fatoush, Cordina Mar-Go-Rita’s, Redemption, Sylvain and K-Paul’s

Seeing a few new and mostly new places on the list makes me happy, as it will give us a chance to preview the place with no commitment. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Gambit Food Revue 2
March 7, 2012
City Park Pavilion of Two Sisters
7-9 pm (6 with VIP entry)
For tickets, click here.